Welcome to Dalby Forum

Dalby Forum is a friendly, supportive group that meets once a month in the Dalby area.  The aim of our meetings is to improve confidence and communication skills.  Members learn and practise public speaking, how meetings run, the roles and duties of office bearers and workshop facilitation.  Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn new skills, enhance your abilities and meet new people.  Visitors are always welcome.

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Email: Dalby Forum

Facebook Chat: http://m.me/dalbyforum/

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When attending meetings please adhere to social distancing rules and please do not attend if you are experiencing any cold and flu symptoms or if you’ve returned from overseas or a current hot spot in Australia in the last 14 days.


Dalby Forum meets at 12 noon for 12:30 start on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Meetings are held at the Windsor Hotel.

Cnr Condamine & Patrick Street, Dalby

RSVP:  Please contact us any time before the meeting

Dress: casual/smart casual/work wear

Suits 16 years and above.


What others are saying …

I was disenchanted with how meetings were being conducted in other groups I belonged to.  My peeve especially was the dealing of motions – what/how do I change it.  If you don’t like it do something about it,  I joined Forum. I now have the confidence and skills to prepare reports, speak and take on roles. I cannot recommend Forum highly enough.   – Meg, Dalby Forum

I joined Forum after attending a Breakfast at Twilight function in 2018. I appreciated how well the function was run, on time, and hearing the different speakers.
Since then, I have gained a lot of knowledge about meeting procedure.I enjoy doing the research for my speeches, and the fact that they are timed. The meetings are well run, in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. The variety of the speeches delivered is educational, informative and often amusing. All things considered, the meetings are great entertainment value. Forum is a great way for individuals to be confident and find their voice.   – Judy, Dalby Forum


Calendar of upcoming meetings

23rd February 2022
The Story Behind the Person

23rd March 2022
“1964” A Moment in Time

27th April 2022
Australia Defined

25th May 2022
Reinvention Group Discussion

22nd June 2022
Medical Miracle or Catastrophe Research

27th July 2022