Welcome to Ipswich Forum

Ipswich Forum members are a friendly, supportive group who  enjoy the intellectual stimulation of Forum meetings and the regular challenges each meeting provides, helping them to grow in confidence and be prepared to speak out and communicate in all areas of their life.

Members meet twice a month in the heart of Ipswich to practise public speaking and to learn how to run meetings effectively including roles and duties of office bearers – under experienced guidance.

If you would like to learn new skills, enhance your abilities and meet new people – you  are always welcome – age is no barrier.


Check out our Find a Forum link above for Forum clubs for other Ipswich and wider Queensland residents.

Email: L4n44m@bigpond.com or

Facebook Chat: http://m.me/ipswich4um/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ipswich4um/

Facebook – Forum Communicators: https://www.facebook.com/forumcommunicators/

Phone: 0448 377 543 (Lorraine)

Health & Safety

Please do not attend if you are experiencing any cold and flu symptoms.


Ipswich Forum meets 10am for 10:30am-12noon on 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month

Room 2, 3rd Floor, Ipswich Trades Hall Building, 4 Bell St, Ipswich

RSVP:  Please contact us on 0448 377 543 any time before the meeting

What others are saying . . .

I was introduced to Forum by an amazingly helpful member whose guidance and mentoring helped me quickly see the importance of both speaking with confidence and being able to run an effective meeting in my role then as Retirement Living Officer.  Attaining and practising those skills meant that all avenues of my life changed and so many opportunities opened up.   I am forever grateful to Forum for its inspirational leaders and members.   – Elaine, Bayside Forum

Calendar of upcoming meetings – please note that many of our meetings include speeches AND learning segments to assist you to become a confident presenter

24th August 2023
Speeches to the title “Find The Way”

14th September 2023
Research Topic: Ancient Mysteries – all members are invited to participate in this

28th September 2023
Showcasing various methods of speaking and presenting, speakers are invited to present a review of a show, movie, restaurant, book, TV series or even a recipe.

12th October 2023
We will be having speeches to various titles PLUS a tutorial on how to use a microphone effectively.  It’s important to be heard!

26th October 2023
Speeches to the title “Born with an Obsession”

9th November 2023
Biannual General Meeting – this includes the presentation of official reports from our President, Secretary and Treasurer.  It may not sound exciting – but if you belong to a social club, sports group or community organisation, it’s important to know what is expected of you in these Committee Roles.

23rd November 2023
A wonderful Christmas Celebration featuring stories of Christmas customs from around the world.