Welcome to Palm Beach – Currumbin Forum

Palm Beach – Currumbin Forum is a friendly, supportive group that meets once a month in the Gold Coast area.  The aim of our meetings is to improve confidence and communication skills.  Members learn and practise public speaking, how meetings run, the roles and duties of office bearers and workshop facilitation.  Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn new skills, enhance your abilities and meet new people.  Visitors are always welcome.

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Email: Palm Beach – Currumbin Forum or

Facebook – Forum Communicators: https://www.facebook.com/forumcommunicators/


When attending meetings please adhere to social distancing rules and please do not attend if you are experiencing any cold and flu symptoms or if you’ve returned from overseas or a current hot spot in Australia in the last 14 days.


Palm Beach – Currumbin Forum meets at 7pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Meetings are held at the Palm Beach – Currumbin Sports Club 7pm (6pm for optional pre meeting dinner).

Thrower Dr, Palm Beach

RSVP:  Please contact us on … any time before the meeting

Dress: casual/smart casual/work wear

Suits 16 years and above.


What others are saying …

Forum has taught me to gather my thoughts and then confidently turn them into a precise statement – an invaluable skill both at work and at home. I can to stand up and clearly give my opinion, regardless of who I am talking to – whether it be my manager at work, a whole meeting of people or a friend during a discussion about politics.  I would encourage you to come along and see what Forum can do for you.   – Megan, Bayside Forum 


When I joined Forum, I was hoping to improve my public speaking skills – which I have certainly been doing. But what I also found was a group of incredible, knowledgeable, loving, caring, accepting and intelligent people whom I enjoy being around and am looking forward to sharing my public speaking journey with. I fully recommend Bayside Forum.   – Tania, Bayside Forum


Calendar of upcoming meetings


20th July 2021
Speaking: Integration
Tutorial: How to make your speech fit a time limit
17th August 2021
Speaking: Keeping up appearances
Extras: Tutorial: How to speak to a given title
21st September 2021
Speaking: It’s about time
Extras: Tutorial: The entertaining speech
19th October 2021
Speaking: A brilliant idea
Extras: Palm Beach-Currumbin Birthday
16th November 2021
Speaking: To be advised
Extras: Tutorial: Top tips for a memorable speech