State committee

Forum is led by a volunteer State Committee of professional and experienced communicators.

Irene Henley


I thank everyone for their dedication to Forum Communicators. Steadfastly, supporting Past, Current and Future Members, as we collaboratively share FORUM’s Vision and Values in Speaking with Confidence.

I convey to everyone reading this introduction, to be brave. Take the first step, contact FORUM, if you want to communicate more effectively, be a confident speaker and are seeking to speak concisely and with clarity. Forum Communicators provides access to highly skilled, intelligent members who provide a supportive place to help individuals in their journey to Speaking with Confidence.

My vision is to Collaboratively take FORUM into the future. To THRIVE, to continue building FORUM’s programs, whilst setting up multiple access points to awaken the world to FORUM using social platforms, and providing digital access via on-line programs that align with individual’s needs.

My expertise to take this vision Into the Future, comes from a long career of leadership, management of services and coaching individuals. Experiences from being a Director of Nursing [Mental Health], Board Member and Board Chairperson [local & Australia wide], Manager Education & Research [+ Tutor at Universities], Industrial Relations and more.

Also, as a community warrior I have a passion in ensuring communities provide individuals with access to health, housing and services that eases concerns and opens opportunities for them to reach their full potential. Personally, I love researching genealogy and am writing 4 Genealogy Family History Books on my husband’s Irish family and my Dutch Heritage.

For future generations, my passion is to leave a legacy, inspiring others, teaching valuable life lessons, strive/thrive for greatness.

Rosie Arnold

Vice President

Rosie joined Bremer (Ipswich) Forum in 2008 and values the self confidence and great friendships she has developed through her Forum membership.

Rosie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Australian Studies, volunteers in the community as a Justice of the Peace and also volunteers regularly at a local Aged Care Facility. Her downtime is spent playing the guitar, walking her dog and spending time with her family.

Anna Bowman


Anna Bowman is the Immediate Past State President of Forum Communicators and also served as Constitutional Advisor to the State Committee from 2017 – 2019.

Anna joined Bayside Forum in 2007 and since then she has served in each position of that Forum’s management committee. The experience gained in all of these roles has provided Anna with the confidence to step up and take on new challenges as they arise within her community.

Anna has a rewarding career as a Teacher Aide within a special school and finds a great deal of joy in seeing each of the students learn and grow within a supportive, inclusive environment.

Anna is an experienced Assessor and Presenter, and she is very passionate about mental health and self care.

Anna enjoys a variety of craft activities from cross-stitch to origami, and as a wife and mother of three sons, family life keeps her busy.

Elaine West


Elaine joined Bayside Forum in 2002 and has been an active member of the State Committee in various roles for 18 years, including leading our organisation as State President in 2011-2013, and now serving as both Treasurer & Historian. Elaine was recently presented with the prestigious Forum State Recognition Award and continues to support Forum members through assessing, workshops, tutorials and mentoring.  Elaine has written 4 books and after 23 years working in aged care, retirement living and financial administration, her interests now include gardening, postcard collecting, family history, travelling and writing more books in the future.

Julie Rodgers

Marketing Officer

Julie is a member of Bremer Forum and enjoys the social interaction and friendships gained through her Forum membership.  Julie is looking forward to a productive two years in the role of Marketing Officer and is excited to have the opportunity to serve on the State Committee.

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