Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month, from 12.30pm – 2pm.

Meeting location is the Cleveland/Thornlands Cricket clubhouse, Henry Ziegenfusz Park, Fitzroy St, Cleveland. (Note: take the section of Fitzroy Street that is between Beach and Long Streets, Cleveland)

A simple byo lunch is held at 12 noon.

We work on a varied agenda so our members gain experience in many aspects of speaking.

Visitors are  most welcome to come as our guest.

Email: pamtranter46@outlook.com

What others are saying …

I first joined Forum to gain some confidence to do best man speech at my friend’s wedding, the thought of getting up at such a big event in front of 120 people terrified me. The skills I learnt and opportunities available to put knowledge into practice was invaluable and I feel much more comfortable getting up in front of an audience in all situations than I did previously.  – Richard, Bayside Forum

Forum helped me in my career with speaking to clients and knowing how to highlight the main points of each project for their benefit and understanding. In my community I’ve been able to participate in meetings effectively and pass these skills to others. The people I’ve met in Forum have given me a greater knowledge of my community and how it works. – Pam, Cleveland Forum 

I was introduced to Forum by an amazingly helpful member whose guidance and mentoring helped me quickly see the importance of both speaking with confidence and being able to run an effective meeting in my role then as Retirement Living Officer.  Attaining and practising those skills meant that all avenues of my life changed and so many opportunities opened up.   I am forever grateful to Forum for its inspirational leaders and members.   – Elaine, Bayside Forum


When attending meetings please adhere to social distancing rules and please do not attend if you are experiencing any cold and flu symptoms or if you’ve returned from overseas or a current hot spot in Australia in the last 14 days.

Calendar of upcoming meetings

Every meeting is different. We have a main speaker to a set title with other members speaking to the same title. Some meetings we have 2 titles for members to stretch their ideas. Some speeches are serious, some investigative and some are a lot of fun. Be ready for plenty of intellectual rigour.

Every meeting includes small tutorials in speaking and meeting procedure with members taking turns to experience Chairing the meeting under instruction from an experienced member as required.

1st July 2021
Speaking: Crystal ball thinking
Extras: –
15th July 2021
Speaking: The Aussie Larrikin – dead or alive?
Extras: –
5th August 2021
Speaking: When one door closes
Extras: –
19th August 2021
Speaking: Play-off for Conference speakers
Extras: 10am – Conference discussion
2nd September 2021
Speaking: Practice for Conference speakers
Extras: –
16th September 2021
Speaking: Mad, bad, sad or glad
Extras: –
30th September 2021
Speaking: SOCIAL DAY Karagarra Is. – picnic + g/walk
Extras: –
7th October 2021
Speaking: An Australian invention
Extras: –
21st October 2021
Speaking: Imagine, a World Without ?
Extras: –
4th November 2021
Speaking: Biannual General Meeting
Extras: –
18th November 2021
Speaking: Entertainment Today
Extras: –
2nd December 2021
Speaking: CHRISTMAS PARTY. Times, they are a ‘changing
Extras: –