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Do you want to become a better speaker, presenter and communicator? Then Forum is the place for you.

Forum is ideal for people who need or want to be capable communicators in their professional or community positions.

You might be a young professional just starting out in your career and want to improve your speaking skills. Perhaps you have taken a promotion and the new role involves making presentations and speaking at conferences. Or maybe you are involved on a Board or Committee and need to make sure you understand formal meeting procedures.

Whatever your stage of life or career, Forum will help you be a confident and effective communicator while being part of a friendly and encouraging group.

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Be Confident Speaking in Public Course

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For years I was too afraid to speak in public because I felt sure everyone would notice my shaking knees and my neck gradually turning red. But now I can get up to speak in front of other people without shaking, and believe it or not, I actually enjoy it! Thank you Forum!