Welcome to the E-Forum

Forum Online or E-Forum is an exciting new way to experience Forum from your own home. It is a great option for those who are not local to an existing club or for those who want to practise  and develop their communication and presentation skills over online video, a growing necessity to life these days.

The group meets once a month online and we will grow and incorporate it further into the Forum framework as time goes on. Members of E-Forum, like all Forum members, will be able to attend in person clubs to meet new faces and learn and practise face to face communication skills whenever they wish.

Members learn and practise public speaking, how meetings run, the roles and duties of office bearers and workshop facilitation. Learn how to propose a toast or give an introduction. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn new skills, enhance your abilities and meet new people.  Visitors are always welcome.

Check out our Find a Forum link above for other in person options for Forum clubs across wider Brisbane and Queensland.

Email: forum@beconfident.org.au


Forum Online or E-Forum meets once a month on Monday evenings (usually the first Monday of the month but subject to change due to public holidays etc.).

Meetings are held over Zoom, contact us via email to book your spot and we will send you the link and password.

What others are saying …

I first joined Forum to gain some confidence to do a best man speech at my friend’s wedding, the thought of getting up at such a big event in front of 120 people terrified me. The skills I learnt and opportunities available to put knowledge into practice was invaluable and I feel much more comfortable getting up in front of an audience in all situations than I did previously.  – Richard, Bayside Forum

I have been a member of Forum for twelve years and I keep coming back due to the fact that I learn something at every single meeting. The diverse styles of speaking and speech topics, workshops and improvisation, just to name a few, gives each meeting its uniqueness. I look forward to the feedback given to the speakers as we can all take something from it. The friendly and supportive nature of the meeting is what makes it so fun!   – Anna, Bayside Forum

I’m really enjoying the E-Forum meetings as well as the Cleveland Forum in-person meetings. People speak about interesting topics which expands my knowledge and allows me to experience different speaking styles while I build my skills. – Pam, Cleveland Forum

Calendar of upcoming E-meetings on Zoom

4th July 2022
A Cause to Celebrate
Learning: Facilitation

1st August 2022
Horses for Courses
Learning: The Pitch sell, sell, sell

5th September 2022
Dare to Dream
Learning: Presenting Well on Zoom

10rd October 2022
Should Australia Become a Republic?
For or Against
Learning: Microphone Technique

7th November 2022
Speak Up and Speak Out
Learning: Presenting Reports

5th December 2022
Christmas Comes but Once a Year
Learning: Presenting a Speech

6th February 2023
My Favourite….