Why should you join Forum?

There are lots of advantages and benefits to being part of Forum.

Forum features   Advantage / Benefit
Regular meetings (fortnightly or monthly) Easily forms part of your regular schedule without being too demanding on your time. So it’s regular enough to be useful but not too often as to take up too much of your time.
Meetings last about 1 – 2 hours Short and purposeful meetings with time for fun and fellowship. This means you learn something and have fun without sacrificing your entire evening.
Members’ speeches Hear lively, intelligent and thought-provoking speeches on contemporary issues. We like this because  you get to understand more about the world and different worldviews while learning how to create interesting and persuasive speeches
Forums established in multiple locations – metro and regional There is a Forum somewhere near you so you don’t have to travel large distances to attend meetings and be involved.
Open to all people 16 years and over Meet a wide range of people from all walks of life. This is useful to develop and grow your network of friends and peers within your local community which may open doors in your personal and professional lives.
Friendly, supportive members Everyone helps each other and is friendly and encouraging. You will always receive friendly encouragement and constructive feedback to help you develop and improve.
Experienced and trained presenters and mentors Learn from people who have experience and skills. You’ll receive high quality guidance and support from people who know what they’re talking about.
Low-cost, annual membership fee Membership is affordable for everyone and only payable once per year. You don’t have to bother with multiple fees or regular payments throughout the year and membership won’t break the bank.
Public speaking instruction and mentorship Improve your skills and confidence to speak or present in public. Be a more confident and proficient speaker and give you an edge at work and in life.
Meeting procedure instruction and mentorship Improve your knowledge and skills in formal meeting procedures. Know how to correctly run a formal meeting which is useful in your professional and community roles.